NI MUSIC An International version of Keyboard Mastering Since 1993
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Grand Kerala Festival offer Rs.400/- off for 18/24 months course and Rs.4000/- off for 36 months course, if you enroll on or before 15-dec-2015..

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An International version of Keyboard Mastering Since 1993

By the end of the Course You will be :-Have you ever fancied to learn a Key Board or piano in your life ? Has it so happened that you failed to identify an ideal teacher/tutor or join a reputed institution to learn it ? If so, you are most welcome to join our International Keyboard Coaching Method. Acquire the basic qualifications onwards till you become an expert Key Board Player.

You can easily learn keyboard at home and get expertise by using the magical alphabet called Staff Notation; Practice from the rudimentary level to the integrated and scientific level of expertise.

Our features


Easy and transparent method

Our Easy and Transparent syllabus will help you get the best knowledge on the art of learning staff notation.

Comfortable and safe practise

Our home practise method enables you to learn your musical instrument from the comfort of your home.

Expert Doubt clearence facilities

Our professional experts helps you clear any doubts through e-mail and phone to make your attempt a great success

Entertainement oriented syllabus

Our low cost Entertainment oriented syllabus helps to relieve your everyday tension and get professionalized in the arena of music making.

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